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Dedicated Hot Desk

URSA Workspaces offers hot desk solutions, providing flexible and dynamic workspaces for on-the-go professionals seeking convenience and a vibrant environment.

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Our cubicles offer a semi-private, ergonomic workspace for focused productivity, complete with two seating spaces. Enjoy a designated area within our dynamic co-working environment, fostering concentration and collaboration.

Experience a dedicated workspace at URSA Workspaces. Your desk is exclusively yours, equipped with all the amenities for a productive workday in a vibrant, professional setting, including storage solutions to keep your workspace organized and efficient.

Our virtual desk option provides a professional business address, mail handling, and occasional access to our co-working space, ideal for remote professionals seeking a prestigious presence.

Our manager cabins provide a spacious, prestigious setting for top-tier professionals. Enjoy a private workspace with luxurious furnishings, ideal for confidential meetings and high-impact work.

Executive cabins offer a comfortable, professional setting for mid-level executives and team leaders. These well-appointed spaces promote collaboration and productivity within a private workspace.


Our private cabins at URSA Workspaces offer secluded, well-equipped spaces for focused work, meetings, and brainstorming sessions in a professional and comfortable environment.


Conference Rooms

Our conference rooms at URSA Workspaces are versatile spaces designed to accommodate various group sizes, featuring interactive whiteboards. Whether you need an intimate setting for 4, a collaborative space for 6 or 8, or a larger room for up to 10 attendees, we offer the perfect environment for productive meetings, presentations, and discussions.


Our intimate 4-person conference room is ideal for small meetings and discussions, providing a comfortable space for focused collaboration in a professional setting.

Gather your team in our spacious 6-person conference room. Designed for productive discussions and brainstorming sessions, it offers a well-equipped environment for collaborative work.

Our 8-person conference room is perfect for mid-sized meetings and presentations. With modern amenities and ample space, it’s designed to foster interactive discussions and effective communication.

Our 10-person conference room offers a spacious and well-appointed setting for larger gatherings and important presentations. Enhance your meetings with advanced technology and a comfortable atmosphere.